Into The Studio We Go

     The time has come. Time to start recording our 4th EP, our first as a signed recording artist with The Record Machine out of Kansas City, MO. The stars are aligning, and things have really started to slide into motion for us. 

     Before the new deal even came about, I started writing and producing new music before we left for SXSW earlier this year. After a year and some change since the release of Triangles, I knew it was time again for some new music and the sparks started flying. A month or so in I had already sketched out about 12 songs, and had a good 5 I knew I really wanted the band to begin working with. Months down the road we signed our contract, and we’re already set to hit the studio - November 4th at Silver Street Studio with James Fleege. 

     The collaboration between Silver Street and Fleege and AZP has been long over due. As some of you may already know, James (or Raw Dawg as we call him) played bass for us during our first break out EP, Red Moon, and the 2015 Red Moon Tour. And as some of you may also already know, the guy is seriously a beast of a musician and one of the smoothest bass players we’ve heard. With his credentials and his strong knowledge of AZP, our sound, our image, and our vision, James is the perfect guy for recording/producing our new EP. 

     I’m still leaning on a couple different album titles, and as for artwork it’s still just a sketch kept in mind, but after a meeting with our manager the other day about label needs and schedule, it looks like I’ve better start getting all that in motion as well. I truly do love this side of forming an album. All the art and tangible design work only helps form the true vision and story of a record more. And with this one being our first vinyl project it’s going to be a f**king sweet process. 

     Anyways, I don’t want to take too much of everyone’s time. I do want to thank you all once again for being subscribers and staying up on AZP news and this exciting new position we’re in. There will be more news, more chats, and a lot of video behind the scenes during this new album process so please make sure to keep your ears and eyes open around our social media and such. 

Much love,

-Zach, AZP

Our First Record Deal

     My goal for AZP has always been to simply help take rooted, classic style Rock-Soul-R&B music to a "popular" demographic. To record and perform music that presented passion, musicianship, and artistry. Ever since I was a kid classic, real, soulful oldies were so much more pleasing to my ear than whatever was "popular" at the time. Every morning I'd awake to my dad gently playing records from his collection. At an early age I was being taught form, style, and vibe by Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, and so much more. Weird shit: I used to put a record on, grab a pair of headphones, take one of my dads old ties and tie the headphones tightly to my ears so I could feel and hear every note and frequency. I loved it. Music played such an enormous role to a young, vastly introverted, extremely shy teenager. Since then and unto today, the true art of music and the real artist that create is literally is what gets me through life, as cliche as it may sound. 

     This past Saturday (9/2/2017), we finalized our first ever recording deal with Kansas City based indie record label, The Record Machine. Out of the 13 bands signed with the label, we are the only to represent the state of Nebraska. It says and means a lot to us to be a part of a label based in a city historically known for music and entertainment, and it so inspiring to feel that humbling drive and determination from the band to put out even better music due to this deal. Our plan as of now is to hit the studio, ASAP. Over the past 9-12 months I've been writing new music for a potential project, before this record deal fell in our laps. With licensing and syncing being at the forefront of how bands get their music heard and valued today, we definitely plan on using a bit of the science behind that in how this album will feel and sound. See, again, its all about holding true to the roots of classic rock-soul music, but being able to ride the wave of todays listeners needs and evolve if and/or when needed. We've always attracted a wide range of music lovers. Different ages, different races, different cultures, etc., so we're not and have never been afraid mold a bit. Now its just a matter of finding and/feeling exactly it is we want to talk about for this album. The perfect plot. See our albums have always been written with some kind of theme from our own personal journals, our lives. Theyre definitely like movies or books in ways, and since we're all big "album guys" (people who value a full album over just a hit single, any day) its definitely became just one of those things AZP does. Yes we're socially conscious, yes we're advocates of peace and coming together, but we're also young men who are just trying to find their places in the world like everyone else. And the struggles, the road blocks, the gifts and curses of being young, free, and on the road (literally and figuratively) is something we cant forget to tell in our music as well. Honesty. Thats what its all about. Thats what makes us love the artist we listen to today. 

     Next year is going to be one hell of a year for us. New music, new tour, all backed by a brand new record label. Since I was a kid, I dreamt about moments like these. And even though we're still not even close to as far as we see our music going, its a great start and we're ecstatic to continue our journey from here. Being in a band isn't easy. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And in todays world, where you have to run your band as a small business, any entrepreneur will tell you its a crazy ride, a lot of ups and downs. We all want to thank you for your support over the years. For sticking with us, pushing play, purchasing music, joining us at live performances, etc. Theres no better feeling than seeing our fans dance, smile, sing, and let all worries go at one of our shows. This is why we do what we do, and we definitely couldn't do it without you. Thank you, and lets stay in touch.

-Zach, AZP